DLR Falcon F-20 payload

Trace Gas Measurement Method PI
O3 UV absorption Schlager (DLR)
CO VUV flourescence  
NO chemoluminescence  
NOy cat. reductin + Cl  
HCOH Hantzsch reaction  
CO2 IR absorption  
RO2 PERCA Hernandes (U Bremen)
SO2, HNO3 ClMS Arnold (MPI HD)
Particle measurements    
Nucleation mode particles multi-channel CN Minikin (DLR)
Aitken mode particles DMA  
Accumulatin mode particles PCASP 100X  
dust particles FSSP 100/300  
Volatility of Aitken mode part. thermodenuder + CN  
Meteorological measurements    
relative humidty Lyman-alpha Giez (DLR)
pressure, temperature Rosemount  
wind 5 hole probe  

Measurements will be made in situ of the air sampled by the aircraft. The Falcon instrumentation does not include any surface observing cameras or sensors and will not change during the transfer or campaign.