M55 Geophysica payload

Instrument Method Species flights PI
In situ chemstry        
FISH Lyman-alpha hygrometer H2O, gas and condensed phase all Schiller (FZJ)
FLASH Dew point and lyman-alpha hygrometers H2O gas phase on-site Yushkov (CAO)
FOZAN Chemioluminescence technique O3 on-site Yushkov (CAO)
Ravegnani (CNR ISAC)
SIOUX Chemoluminescence technique NO, NOy all Schlager (DLR)
HAGAR Gas-chromatograph N2O, CH4, CFCs, CO2 all Volk (JWGU)
ALTO-COLD Tunable diode laser spectrometer CH4, CO, H2O isotopes all Mazzinghi (CNR)
IRIS Optical-Feedback Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy H2O isotopes all Kerstel
HALOX chemical conversion resonance fluorescence technique ClO, BrO all Stroh (FzK)
WAS Whole air sampler VSLS, H2O isotopes all Roeckmann (UU)
Remote sensor        
MIPAS Fourier transform Spectrometer for IR limb measurements H2O, CH4, N2O, CFCs transfer, 2 on-site Blom (FzK)
CRISTA-NF IR grating spectrometer H2O, N2O, O3, clouds all Stroh (FzK)
Particles/Clouds (in situ)        
COPAS_1 Condensation nuclei counter, .01-10 um   CN all Borrmann (MPI Mainz)
COPAS_2 Condensation nuclei counter, .01-10 um   aerosol all Borrmann (MPI Mainz)
CIP Cloud Imaging Probe, 25-1500 um Clouds all Borrmann (MPI Mainz)

Optical particle counter 0.4-40 um

Clouds all Borrmann (MPI Mainz)
MAS Backscattersonde Clouds all Cairo (CNR)
TDC   T, p, wind all Shur (CAO)