List of Flights

Please follow the links below to get the PDF files with flight plans and reports provided by the flight planning group for quick look overview of the flight.

The reports contain only the data available during the first day after the flight and are published mainly for the purpose of archiving the flight documentation and decision making process.

For a quick overview of the flight path please have a look at the flight summary animations incorporating sequence of MSG pictures with aircraft position and altitude information.

For the overview about the thunderstorms please have a look at the ATLAS on a climatology of West African Mesoscale Convective Systems available from the AMMA AOC website.

29.07 Geophysica Test Flight in Verona

31.07 Geophysica: Verona - Marrakesh Transfer Flight

01.08 Falcon Oberpfaffenhofen - Marrakesh Transfer Flight

01.08 Falcon Marrakesh - Ouagadougou Transfer Flight

01.08 Geophysica Marrakesh - Ouagadougou Transfer Flight

04.08 Falcon LRT Flight

04.08 Geophysica LRT Flight

06.08 Falcon MCS Outflow Flight

07.08 Geophysica MCS Flight

07.08 Falcon MCS Flight

08.08 Geophysica CALIPSO Flight

11.08 Falcon MCS Outflow Flight

11.08 Geophysica MCS Outflow Flight

13.08 Falcon LRT Flight

13.08 Geophysica LRT/CALIPSO Flight

15.08 Falcon MCS Outflow Flight

15.08 Falcon Local Convection Flight

16.08 Geophysica Ouagadougou-Marrakesh Transfer Flight

16.08 Falcon Intercomparison/Local Survey Flight

17.08 Geophysica Marrakesh-Verona Transfer Flight

18.08 Falcon Ouagadougou-Touzeur Transfer Flight

18.08 Falcon Touzeur-Oberpfaffenhofen Transfer Flight