M55 Geophysica

Farewell scene
Geophysica heading the runway before the take off for the socond local flight
M55 engine power up
Before the second local flight
M55 & F-20 on their Way to the Hangar
After the first local flight

Cooling the M55 breaks
Just after landing on August 4th
Geophysica take off
M55 taking off for the first local flight on August 4th
M55 Engine Start-up
Before the take-off for the first local flight on August 4th

Preparing the cockpit
Just before M55 take-off for the first local flight
Servicing the Front Bay Sensors
Servicing the CRISTA instrument
Servicing The Geophysica
Ouagadougou AMMA Team dismounting and servicing the sensors of the M55 aircraft

Geophysica Engine
One of the two M55 engines
The Geophysica Tail
Just before towing the aircraft into the hangar for the first night
The Geophysica Nose
Shot taken while towing the aircraft near the hangar

The Geophyscia Pilot entering the hangar
Just after first landing in Ouagadougou
The M55 approaching the hangar
The Geophysica in front of the hangar. The building in the left-hand side of the picture is the AOC Ouagadougou bureau of the flight planning group.
M55 being towed to the hangar
The M55 Geophysica is on its way to the Base Aerienne 511 hangar

Cooling the M55 breaks
The fire brigade is cooling the Geophysica breaks just after landing.
The M55 Geophysica has just landed
The MDB team is helping the Geophysica pilot to get out of the plane. The fire brigade truck is waiting to start cooling the aircraft breaks.

The M55 Geophysica is landing
The MDB M55 Geophysica is landing on the Ouagadougou Base Aerienne 511 runway.