The team at work

In the Canteen
Food and Drinks during the Oficial Opening Ceremony in the Base Aerienne 511
Presenting the Falcon
Visit in the hangar during the Opening Ceremony
Tidying up the hangar
Soldiers of the Base Aerienee 511

Walking to the hangar
Shot taken during the official campaign opening ceremony
Jan Polcher Giving The Opening Speech
During the Oficial Campaign Opening Ceremony
DLR corner
DLR Falcon team attending the opening ceremony

Official Campaign Opening
Campaign inauguration in the Base Aerienne 511 hangar
Farewell scene
Geophysica heading the runway before the take off for the socond local flight
Preparing the cockpit
Just before M55 take-off for the first local flight

Watching the M55 being prepared for take-off
Kathy Law and Francesco Cairo in front of the flight planning office
Refueling Falcon
just before the first local flight on August 4th
Servicing The Geophysica
Ouagadougou AMMA Team dismounting and servicing the sensors of the M55 aircraft

Service stands in the hangar
Service equipment in the hangar
Manouvering the container
An airforce truck helping to move the container
The Geophyscia Pilot entering the hangar
Just after first landing in Ouagadougou

The Hangar hosting M55 and Falcon during the campaign
The hangar in Burkina Air-Force "Base Aerienne 511" in Ouagadougou
Preparation of the Offices in the Hangar
One day before the planned arrival of the aircrafts

Waiting for the MCs to pass the airport
2006.07.31 - early afternoon. The MCs comming from the east is going to show up over the Base Aerienne 511 in Ouagadougou.
The German team is setting up their office in the hangar
Unpacking the equipment from containers one day before the planned arrival of Geophysica and Falcon.
First day of work at the flight planning office
Shot taken during the office set-up two days before the planned Geophysica and Falcon arrival.

First Visit to the Hangar
from the right: Katy Law, Peter Siegmund, Martin Streibel and Idir Bouarar having a first look at the newly refurbished offices in the hangar.