Transfer Flights

DLR Falcon

DLR Falcon and Geophysica will not fly together. The DLR Falcon will start in Oberpfaffenhofen around 8 a.m. and go via Marrakesh to Ouagdougou. It is expected to arrive there in the late afternoon.


These will be flights dedicated to the remote sensing of the UTLS region from middle to low latitudes, and are designed for the optimal performance of the spectrometers. The flight profile will have a standard ascent, stepwise cruising from 17.5 to 19.5 with three steps.

During the forward flight, is requested an early take off from Verona, at 04:00 LT, with a landing in Marrakesh at 07:00 LT. During the backward flight, the take-off will occur as early as possible given the duty hours of the Ouagadougou aiport.

TR1: Verona - Marrakesh and Marrakesh - Verona

Transfer route Verona - Marrakesh Time-height template for flight Verona - Marrakesh

In order to have the maximum advantage for the remote sensors, it is requested to fly at the maximum altitude compatible with the flight safety concerns.

TR2: Marrakesh - Ouagadougou and Ouagadougou-Marrakesh

Other flights devoted to the remote sensing of the subtropical and tropical UTLS.

For the forward flight, take-off   at 09:00 LT (eventually earlier) from Marrakesh and landing in Ouagadougou at 13:00 LT with flight profiles similar to TR1.

Transfer route Marrakesh - Ouagadougou Time-height template for flight Marrakesh - Ouagadougou